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EGS did you know that egs stands for mrs parkin the owner her daughters names ,Emma , Georgina and Sarah , Sarah was the Saturday girl at the store I worked at in Huddersfield ,Georgina had the same business attitude as her mother and Emma was just Emma as far as I can remember , also does any one remember the sales reps that used to visit shops back in the day , one that sticks in my mind was mike from wea / warner , can still picture him now top bloke always got some kind of pre press release from him , my flat was covered in posters and still have quite a few white labels left now ! Happy happy days .

(Jan 13, 2014) m.levick said:I worked in the wakefield ridings store from about 89-91. Remember Mike from WEA and also a guy from Beggars Banquet who used to get me Cult stuff. Also remember Elaine who was a rep then became store manager. Used to switch between being ok to an absolute dragon.

October 05, 2015) Met my best friend at the Bradford shop....His names was Michael and I used to go in for the latest house tracks and imports. We had a similar taste and were similar ages..... Been friends ever since. The Bradford shop was on Kirgate over the road from McDonalds. ​Comment: James Sammon.

Name Jason Nash Comment: I used to work at the Huddersfield store on John William st , Jason. Big Sarah was the manager and phillip and Nick and a hippy guy and Simpson from 1990 to 1992 good time. Definitely remember Sarah Parkin she was the Saturday girl but also the daughter of the owner and like it says on the site Georgina was the mini me of the mother and Emma was more paper work as I can remember long time ,it's now a ice cream parlour I went in last week and asked about the massive store room which was down stairs, very scary as the light switch was at the top of the stairs so if any of the girls went down we would turn the light off and shut the door lol ,, good times ( August 10, 2016)

I had a Saturday job at the Barnsley store from 1987-1989. I used to love it. Putting all the record sleeves back out on the shelves and chatting to all the customers. I got my friends Dominic and Julian from sixth form college jobs there too so it was really social. Sarah, Jill and Tim all bring back good memories. I used to plan my outfit a week in advance as it was the coolest place in town and customers expected it. I also bought my first ever concert ticket to see Prince and the Revolution - Parade Tour at Wembley here. I loved having the job of doing the window displays so I could give my favourite artists prominence. I remember The Smiths, New Order, Erasure, Madonna and U2 being massive sellers when I worked there. After completing a long ten hour shift I would then do a shift behind the bar at Peels Bar and a subsequent shift at Japanese Whispers - 19 hour days! Don’t know how I managed it. Hope some other people read this and it brings back memories
Dean Smith

I shopped at the Bradford store, I bought many very rare records from there (some of them witch I found out only ever had 500 copies made). I miss that shop, I loved it there.
Robin Storton




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