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Name: Ian Thomson.
Comment: Elena Mae's was a great record shop in Arbroath. It was actually a camera shop, but upstairs was given over to a great record department where I could get most of my musical needs.


Dave Harwood
18 Jan 2024 at 03:27
I found this announcement in the 'Arbroath Guide' dated 1st November 1952: “ELENA MAE STUDIOS 225 High Street Wish to announce their STUDIO in ARBROATH will CLOSE as from TO-DAY, 1st November 1952.”
… and this announcement in the 'Arbroath Guide' dated 30th May 1953: “OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT – NAPIER STUDIOS Ltd., Photographers and Photographic Dealers, have taken over the business at 225 HIGH STREET, ARBROATH, formerly carried on by Elena Mae, and will OPEN on SATURDAY, 6th June 1953.”
Dave Harwood
19 Jan 2024 at 01:28
I found this piece in 'The Scotsman' dated 24th January 1985: “The main reason for the drop in turnover was the company's sale of the Elena Mae photographic and music-retailing business in 1983 to Hamilton Tate, of Penicuik, for an undisclosed sum.”



High Street DD11 Arbroath / Scotland
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