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(July 18, 2012) Ian Sharp said:I rememeber this place with great affection; spent many a happy hour browsing there in the late 50's early 60's!

​( March 18, 2016) I first discovered Mr Evans operating from a small shop at the foot of Haley Hill. At that time he only sold second hand records. But, I think I'm right in saying he also had a stall in the Lower Market where he sold second hand books and magazines. It's from this stall I bought Battler Britton and Dogfight Dixon comics. Anyway back to records. I remember buing Searchin' by the Hollies and His Latest Flame by Elvis Presley (with a triangular centre) from this shop. Presumably as business built up he had the funds to open a new shop in Westgate. This sold new records at the front and then in a room in the back he maintained his second hand business. I built up my Kinks and Rolling Stones singles collection from the back room and purchased the first two Country Joe and the Fish albums in the front. Mr Evans was usually present when I went in either of the shops. A very hands on owner.  Comment: Truats Heytarl







18 Westgate Halifax 48 Marion Street Leeds Image Barry Jones

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