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Exon’s. Fred Exon set this up in around 1972 with Tony Rayner of Rayners of Park St, Bristol as a silent partner.
I actually worked there in a gap year and subsequently particularly at Christmas when away from university.
Fred had roles in each of EMI and Polydor before setting up (also) in Oxford Street. It was on the south corner with Union St. The site has been redeveloped since.

I met Gary Bristow who was working as a Saturday boy there. The next year Fred got Gary a job at EMI in West London (Hayes?) as a naive 19 year old his first job was as manager of EMIs telesales office in charge of 40 or so local ladies.
Gary was born on August 16th (1956) an important date in the music world..(think Presley,Winehouse) and coincidentally the exact date of an Armstrong/Fitzgerald recording.

Gary remained with EMI and its successors for forty years until there was one reshuffle/takeover too many.
His last role was as National Classical Sales Manager Richard Watkins. (2023)




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