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Many titles that were yet to gain a reputation on the Northern scene such as Terry Callier’s `Look At Me Now` and the Valentino’s `Sweeter Than The day Before` were ignored by hapless, wants list obsessed fanatics. There were several F L Moore record shops dotted around the northern home counties in Dunstable, Stevenage, Hatfield, Hitchin, Luton as well as Leighton Buzzard. Unlike many indie record shops Fred Moore’s various shops survived into the 90s with a change of name to FM Records being his only concession to the modern era. Groovesville USA Blog

Down to Fred Moore's in Bury Park - with it's great secondhand section. Found MC5 and the Stooges there - never looked back. I can almost smell the vinyl. Comment: lightninreed

I notice you have F.L. Moore's in Luton. This was my main record buying shop. I can remember hearing many a strange record there, such as the 1st Faust LP, with clear vinyl and clear sleeve. I saw it in the racks, asked to listen to it and bought it straight away. They also gave me a free copy of the Faust Tapes years later (perhaps because I was the only person who actually bought Faust.) They were also good in the Punk/New Wave years, always having a box of new release singles on the counter. Comment: Michael Johnson The Book and Record Bar.

Name Jane Andrews Comment: I worked for Fred Moore many many years ago at F L Moore Records in Stevenage alongside Andy, the manager, Mandy, Tony, Sylvie. My first job and what a great team we were. I send my well wishes to all if any are still in touch! (May 26, 2017)

F.L. Moore’s wow that brings back some memories I used to get one album a week but always wanted another and used to have it put aside for me spent many hours flicking through the albums.
Andy Cobbin

F L Moore Dunstable - spent many a blissful hour looking at all the Peter Hammill and King Crimson albums I couldn’t afford. Always managed to get singles at the discount price of 99p - thanks Gemma! Don’t Box Me In by Stan Ridgeway and Stuart Copeland springs to mind. Then off to the Queensway hall for a free coffee - thanks Paula & Tracey.​
Neil Emery




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