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Thomas Graal

William Mcrea In the Lower Precinct opposite the Round Café? I used to go there all the time. I bought the LP Yesterday’s Dreams by the Four Tops from there in the Autumn of ‘68.

Nicci Robins


William Mcrea Aparently mum use to say to me that Mr Fennel was a great person and he would try his hardest to get records that people wanted. I don't remember him when I was a child. But I remember when we left Coventry to move to Cornwall. We use to go to Coventry for a holiday. And remember him then. Lovely bloke. Use to give me picket money

Ian Gentles

Fennells was the best record shop . Just below the Circular Cafe. Derek Fennell was very knowledgeable about the stock. If it was in the shop, Derek knew where to find it. Great memories


Nicci Robins
30 Sep 2023 at 06:49
My mum use to work in Fennells late 50s yearly 60s I vaguely remember my Gran and myself use to walk there to pick my mum up and walk back home. A very very long time ago!



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