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Jacqui McCormack

I started my career as a shorthand typist in the travel bureau in the basement of Bobby ' s in 1960 which Co - joined the record department. People went into the boots to listen to the records before they bought them....those were the days. I used to spend some of my lunch breaks sitting in a booth taking the words of pop records down and typing them out for various pop groups. This was because they could not afford the music for their "gigs"! The travel bureau was moved up to the ground floor next to Travel Goods and the sweet counters. It was a great time to work for Mr.Bobby. He was a true gent.

Robert Pierce

I remember the record store downstairs when it was Bobby's, then later Debenhams.. I also remember very well Folkestone Grammophone where I'd buy all my records and was friends with the the owner's son, Donald Chard. The store was owned by his Grandmother who worked in the shop along with her son, Donald's father. My first stereo came from there and a family member still has it. There was another musical instrument and record shop diagonally opposite from there, can't think of the name. If Folkestone Grammophone was out of stock of a particular record, I'd try the other store. I think it may have begun with the letter 'W", wish I could remember the name.

Ian Gordon

His Classical CDs were my downfall! An amazing selection

Ian Lord

Folkestone Gramophone Company was the record shop in Tontine Street. Bought my first guitar from there, and still have it today. Mind you, it's shite.

Doug Quinney

I'm afraid to confess I remember all of these shops! The Folkestone Gramophone Company was run by Dick...?, his wife, another lady and their daughter whose names I cannot remember. Does else anyone remember the shop near the top of Tontine Street where you could make a 7" 78rpm record - Trans-sound Recordings at no. 63? My late father and I did this when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Dad played a Christmas Lullaby on the piano and accompanied my vocal rendition of A Baby's Knuckle".A chorister from an early age! Eat your heart out Robbie Williams! Fortunately? I still have the record.

Adrian White

i do i brought my bowie dress cover from there

Ian Gordon

I remember the listening booths where you could hear tracks from LPs and singles you had selected. They were on the right hand wall as you came down the stairs from Bouverie Place. I bought most of my first records there. I also remember the ceiling being low - it still is!! Do you remember Murdoch's on the left below the Odeon cinema? They dealt in pianos and other musical instruments and sheet music - paradise!!




Tontine Street, Folkestone

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