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Ronnie Davis
Yep..remember it well I bought 'Wild Thing' by the Troggs there in 1966 😎

Jennie Polyblank
Did he also have another branch in Portswood?

Marilyn Bennett
Oh yes of course forgot about them Thank you for the reminder

Jackie Foster
Yes remember it well. Great shop.

Top fan
Ian Higham
Yes I remember it as l did Henry's in St Marys Street. It was an upstairs store and always had helpful staff.

Alison Comley
My brother always told me he took me to the opening. It was opened by Jimmy Young who sat me on his knee. I was two at the time !

Angie Richardson
'Mr Francis' (as we called him when we were kids), lived opposite us in Bassett

Mike Wilcox
Upstairs for classical.

Deb Drummond
I think it was John Francis who owned it. My dad use to cut his hair

Julie Preston
remember buying "see my baby jive" by Wizard there 🙂

Nick Saunders

pre-ordered my copy of 'After The Goldrush' here in 1970!

Robert Wyatt

Bought my first 78 record in that shop " Last train to San Fernando ".....johnny Duncan and the blue grass boys




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