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(May 27, 2013) Geoff said:A fantastic shop back in the 70s when i bought many rare Blue Note, Riverside etc Jazz LPs at really good prices before Jazz started get picked up by a younger audience and the prices went up!

( May 13, 2015) Hard to find Jazz and Blues,a lot on import, before the age of re-issues and expanded box sets !!! Excellent shop. Comment: Bob Young.

9 March 16. 2016) That must have been the great second-hand record shop where I found not one but three George Shearing CDs. Has it disappeared? Comment: George Turnbull.

I loved the Garon in Cambridge but never knew that it was one of two. I knew the (very knowledgable) boss was Gavin, but also didn’t know that he gave two letters to the name of the shops. A browse in Garon was de rigeur every Saturday morning in the 80s and 90s, usually ending with a tough decision as to which of the ten or more desirable recordings earmarked for purchase would have to be left for another time. Then a few steps up King Street for authentic espresso in the much-missed cafe “Clowns”.
Tom Empson




Garon Records 70 King Street Cambridge

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