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Name: Roger Barton
Comment: I used to go to George Davenport's Country Music Centre as often as I could as a kid. He introduced me to Cajun and Zydeco music and I still have some of the records with his stickers on the album covers.

He was always generous, kind and helpful to me and I will always be grateful for the times I spent browsing through his records.

Last time I wanted to buy anything though he said he would not sell me the records and would only sell me cassette tapes of the records! Still very charming about it. Top bloke as far as I am concerned.
(2 September 2016)


Dave Harwood
31 Jan 2024 at 03:51
I found this piece in the 'Manchester Evening News' dated 18th July 1992: “George Davenport opened Pandemonium 10 years ago. Prior to that he ran a Country and Western shop in St Peter’s Square.”



42 Oxford Street M1 5EJ Gay Village / Manchester
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