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In the 70's and 80's there was a great second hand record shop in the Merrion Market (underneath the Merrion Centre) called Gerol's (or Gerrol's - can't quite remember). Does anyone remember this?

( Feb 29,2015)I remember it well. It was close to the Merrion Market exit, outside of which was the entrance to the Merrion Hotel. I bought endless singles and albums from Gerol's. He seemed to know his stuff in terms of what was valuable and what was 'tat'. He seemed always to have a younger mate in the store with him on my Saturday morning visits. I was a regular at the nearby bowling alley at the time and couldn't forgo a visit to Gerol's to see if anything new of interest had found its way onto the racks. Comment:MARTIN HANDLEY.

Name Peter Higginbotham Comment: Gerol's was run by two guys (brothers?) Gerald and Roland. I got some great stuff from there including a white-label demo pressing of Beatles' Please Please Me for a quid! Happy days. (April 27, 2017)

Gerols Records , thats me . I opend the shop with my brother Roland .
so we came up with the name ....GEROLS RECORDS both our names are in there.
Happy Hunting now living in Cornwall .

Gerald North

that was a great place, i bought a lot of quality reggae and punk from gerals,a guy with curly hair,always knew his stuff. a great record stall,shop.

john hardman

Sure thats me , rob was my younger mate he liked a good drink , great time .
Gerald (2019) Roland North 3 letters from both names


Gerald North


Martin Buckle
14 Jan 2024 at 06:58
Just listening to a vinyl album of Ginger Baker bought in 1976 at Gerol Records for 75p!


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