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GI Records started out at 26b Raeburn Place in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh c. 1976.Previously had been Its Moved to Cockburn Street in 1980. Closed in 1985. Comment: Simon Black

I`m very surprised you found Gordon Inglis less than helpful or unfriendly.On my first visit to GI in the 70`s Gordon spent 2 hours playing me artists he thought I would be interested in. I came to Edinburgh every 6 weeks to go to his shop and he did the same thing each time. A great guy! Regards Jim Boyd

I used to visit the Raeburn Place and Cockburn Street shops on trips through from Greenock and always found something of interest. There was also a very efficient mail order service which I used regularly. This and Ezy Ryder were my favorites in Edinburgh. Comment: Eric Marshall.

(March 31, 2015) My father (Martin) was Gordon's mate, and I helped fit out the shop in Cockburn Street when I was a kid. One of the most amazing basements in Edinburgh. Not only was is full of shelves of perfectly racked records - it connected to a labyrinth under Edinburgh. It's all coming back, Gordon had a white Porsche with the reg no. WAX 11 and an incredibly modern home in West Mayfield with a stunning staircase and a pool table. No idea how I remember all that, must have made an impression. Heard he opened a little nick-nak shop on Forest Road after GI Records closed, but that was a VERY long time ago. If you're still around to read this Gordon - thanks for letting me make all those tapes, even though you didn't like the Stranglers :) Ross Garden

( April 21, 2015) GI in Cockburn Street was a vast, seemingly always deserted shop - I always wondered how it made money, selling Albert Lee and Spirit LPs. I remember buying a live import Mountain double album in there - it was that sort of place.
Comment: Richard Watt

Not friendly? Are we talking about the same guy. I loved my weekly visit to Raeburn Place. Apart from building up my collection, It was always great to see Gordon and the boys - Bob and John - haer a bit crack about music, get stuff recommended to me, have a laugh. They were all so knowledgeable, and FRIENDLY.

Chrissie Carey

Fond memories of this place too. One of the few places in Edinburgh in the 1980s where you could get Captain Beefheart records and always had a sharp windows display. It was also the first and last place I ever saw 'The Cheerful Insanity of Giles Giles and Fripp' on sale. Changed days.

Mike Dickson




37-39 Cockburn Street, EH1 1BP Edinburgh / Scotland
26b Raeburn Place Edinburgh / Scotland
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