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They sold vinyl records as well as Hoover spares. I bought quite a lot of LPs from them, and I think their stock was either second-hand or bought cheaply from record company reps. I still have Gary Wright’s ‘Footprint’ album on A&M, dated 1971, which has several drawing-pin holes in the cover from where it was displayed in the window, and D6 written in red biro on the back so they could locate the actual record to reunite it with the sleeve when I bought it! They also had boxes of LP sleeves on tables in front of the window on the pavement on dry days. One of the boxes was full of Elektra albums, which the Kinney Record Group rep must have offloaded on them, and I picked up ‘Whales & Nightingales’ by Judy Collins which had ‘NEW’ written on the back of the sleeve in red biro. Dave Harwood.

Kake Pugh’s London Road website recently covered 51-53, which from 1971 – mid 1980’s was occupied by Glebe Domestic Appliances




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