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The musical instrument shop was in Stockwell St I think, the record shop in the Gallowgate was a great Saturdays meeting place in the 50's and 60's. Survived into the eighties according to some of the guitar forums I found. If I remember correctly Golumbs(I am not sure this is the correct spelling)had above its door a leaded fanlight which read "Golumbs (sic) The house that value built". I got an acoustic guitar there for my birthday when i was about 13. I think it set my Mum and Dad back the princely sum of £14.

Hidden Glasgow Forum
I remember the store being on a corner, very close to the City of Glasgow Union elevated railway tracks. It stocked a vast array of parts, I aladin's cave.
Stewart Duthie


David Alexander Garden
07 Sep 2023 at 03:26
Golumbs was on the Saltmarket around number 20, the shop is still there but empty and locked up. Painted black on the outside. I bought a Burns Marvin neck there in 1966 for £10. Sold it in the 1990’s for £150. 👍


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