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Name: Monica Lamb
Comment: I worked at the Deal Branch from 1967 running the travel agency, until I had maternity leave from early 1974, but returned and worked as Mr Charles Lock's personal assistant until 1979/80. Happy days.

Name: Malcolm Lyndsell
Comment: I remember they had the first electric guitars in a shop in Ramsgate in the 1960s, loads of sheet music too.

Name: Heather Greenstreet
Comment: I and several friends went into the Dover shop most Saturday mornings listening to the latest music in the little booths. 1970/1974.

Name: Alan Bradley
Comment: I too worked briefly in the repair shop about 1970. I remember some characters: Pop in piano repairs, his son Bubbles brought him to work, he was in his sixties, I think Pop was in his nineties. And Spud, John, Ted, Mac of course. Names I remember, seems a long time ago now. I spent a couple of days each week in the Ramsgate shop. Enjoyed every minute! I remember tea break with a dozen of us in that small room, cosy!


Paul Smith
11 Jul 2023 at 04:32
My dad (Deryck Smith) worked at Goulden & Wind, Dover as a piano tuner and repairer for about five years until 1969/70, after which we moved to Colchester and he took over managing the Essex County Council piano workshops in Chelmsford which maintained all the school pianos in Essex.
Dave Harwood
16 Oct 2023 at 08:49
I found an advert in the ‘Thanet Advertiser’ dated 7th December 1928: “GOULDEN & WIND, FOR EVERYTHING MUSICAL, 57 HIGH STREET, RAMSGATE. See Popular Gift Records: M 10-in. 3/- ALL DOUBLE-SIDED C 12-in. 4/6 - MAREK WEBER AND HIS ORCHESTRA - C 1544 ‘Potpourri of Waltzes, Parts 1 and 2’.”



5 Cannon Street CT16 1BY Dover / Kent
57 High Street CT11 9RJ Ramsgate / Kent
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