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found this advert in the 'Croydon Times' dated 19th September 1958:

“Personal Listening Hoods, Soundproof rooms equipped with Stereophonic apparatus, A comprehensive selection of over 10,000 Recordings * Our staff have been specially trained to be able to give you every assistance and service. GRANTS - High Street, CROYDON.”

… and this advert in the 24th October 1958 edition:

“SELECTION OF RECORDS in the RECORD SECTION you can make your selection from over 10,000 Recordings! You'll find acoustically designed personal listening hoods and special sound-proof rooms equipped with PYE STEREOPHONIC apparatus to enable you to fully appreciate the magnificent reproduction of this advanced recording technique. GRANTS - High Street, CROYDON.” Gave Harwood (2024)


Dave Harwood
23 Jan 2024 at 04:06
Grant's record department had a very eclectic mix of LPs in the late 1960's / early 1970's. I remember buying several albums from a 'reduced price' carousel rack by the entrance that included The Dillards 'Wheatstraw Suite', Fred Neil's 'Bleecker & McDougal' (both on Elektra) and 'The Boy in the Gap' by Paddy Taylor (on Claddagh), all very good. They also had some 'avant garde' classical albums by composers such as Xenakis and Skalkottas (on HMV). They were cheap enough to take a punt on but I found them to be unlistenable. You learn by your mistakes.



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