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Name Cathy Redfearn Comment: Roger Gray had a shop in Canterbury called Bakers Records where I worked around 1979- 80 ish. Great shop. But was taken over sadly by Our Price. ( Oct 10, 2016).

Name Alex O'Neal Comment: Wow ... seeing that record bag design takes me back. I was looking for a photo of Grans Records in the 1970's / 80's. No luck there yet - but this was a good find anyway!

If it's the same Roger Gray that I knew a thousand years ago then he was my best man at my wedding in 1966. If you're reading this Roger Carole and I will celebrate 🍾 our 56th anniversary this year. Flick me an email if you want to, be good to catch up matey. Hope life has been good to you cheers John B
John Brooker





Grays Record & Tape Shop 9 High Street East Grinstead

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