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Comment: The shop that really got me started on collecting, c.1980. Great selection of vintage LPs and 45s priced at literally pence, plus new stock such as the then current Postcard label. Anything valued at much over about two pounds had a special 'collectable' price label, with the comment "You won't see many of these, son!" printed next to the amount. It closed in 1982.


Dave Harwood
18 Oct 2023 at 01:59
I found a piece on Gutter Music in ‘The Scotsman’ dated 9th April 1981: “Gutter Music. 19 Henderson Row, Edinburgh. Tel. 031-587 2116 (days). 031-226 3460 (even. inf.).”



19 Henderson Row EH3 5DH Edinburgh / Scotland
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Opened :
Closed :
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