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Guy Norris in the shopping precinct that in 1977 installed a video player in the shop. It always seemed to be showing promos of The Carpenters and Little River Band on constant rotation, but we used to stand in there gawking at it every Saturday afternoon anyway because it was such an exciting and dazzling new technology. A year later, inspired by Rock Against Racism and the Anti Nazi League we used to stand outside selling 'Socialist Worker' every Saturday, but luckily they never seemed to mind. Comment:Quercusrobur.

I bought a DG album of Beethoven Missa Solemnis from Guy Norris in 1975.Still have this recording.
Andrew Thorpe

I bought my first single 20th Century Boy by T.Rex from Guy Norris in Gants Hill in March 1973, aged 8. I had seen it being performed on Top of the Pops a couple of days before but wasn't sure of the title when I went in. I asked the lady for 'I Wanna be your man' and she ushered me over to the listening booth they had in there so I could listen to it before parting with my pocket money. I think singles cost 35p then.
Bernie Briffa


19 Oct 2023 at 06:49
I recently bought a Beefheart LP with a Guy Norris record coupon in the sleeve.
Get ten coupons for a single and thirty for an LP.



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