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Dave Harwood
12 Feb 2024 at 05:38
I found this piece in the 'Sussex Daily News' dated 17th April 1953: “PERFECT RECEPTION, No Fading - lnterference Minimised. THE B.B.C.’s new television “booster” station on 700 ft. high Truleigh Hill, near Shoreham, began putting out test-signals yesterday. The station is to improve TV reception for people living in the coastal areas from Peacechaven to Worthing. TV engineers reported yesterday that signals were very much sharper and better than those received direct from Alexandra Palace. Sussex TV dealers said the signal was powerful. There was no fading and interference from cars and electric hair-driers was blanketed down to a minimum by the signal. Mr. H. RANSOM, a Bond Street, Brighton dealer, said he received the first signal on Wednesday night. Yesterday, the set in his workshop, tuned to Truleigh Hill, received “Testcard C” - the squares and circle pattern used extensively by the B.B.C. in tests. The set used was a “non-fringe” area model 6. Meanwhile, radio dealers received consignments of sets in readiness for the expected pre-Coronation rush.”



34 Bond Street BN1 1RD Brighton / East Sussex
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