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Name: Liam M
Comment: I first noticed Hairy Records when there was a feature on the BBC's The One Show which discussed the charms of this quaint old record store and stated that this was the UK's oldest record store! The store truly is a gem which proudly fits in as part of Liverpool's phenomenal musical heritage. I cannot pretend to be a vinyl expert or even someone who is a great musical muse but Hairy Records not only captured my imagination but the true spirit of Liverpool's music scene.

The shop has clearly not been decorated in quite some time and if you have any dust allergies than I would advise wearing a mask, but this lack of a refurb is not a bad thing - after all, why fix it if it's not broken!

For years and years Hairy Records has been selling musical legacy in the form of classic vinyls and there is no reason it should ever change. The prices have hiked up a bit recently but understandably so as vinyls are not heavily bought globally and there are limited numbers of most vinyl records. The fact that a purchase from Hairy Records is most likely going to be a limited edition piece makes your purchase and your visit all the more special.

Vinyl shops such as Hairy Records are under threat for their very existence so please, please, PLEASE! get down to Hairy Records, peruse the classic products, and buy something that you will treasure forever.

Name: thefall2007
Comment: For me it was a little shop called Hairy Records on Bold Street in a cellar in Liverpool, underneath the left-field book shop News from Nowhere. It was a great shop which a while ago moved to new premises at the top of Bold Street and continues to sell LPs, CDs, and rarities. In many ways this was one of the places my musical education was formed. A great shop that is still going in the face of massive chainstore adversity. If you are in Liverpool I recommend you visit it.

Name: Frank Cannon.
Comment: Hairy Records wasn't always Hairy Records... The shop on Bold Street that was originally under the hairdressers Voodo was at 98a. That was originally a store room for Home & Bargain. It was originally opened as BIG T records in the early 1990s with the owner, a guy called Tommy, moving his shop to Bold Street from what was then the Liverpool Palace on Slater Street - it took a few weeks kitting the shop out - I know, I did it with him!

A few years later, the shop was bought by a guy called Bob and this later became known as Hairy Records. Bob's shop was originally in the Liverpool Palace too. As for it being the oldest record shop in Liverpool - not a chance!

Name: Terry
Comment: I was in Liverpool in September and Hairy looked to be shut down.
(4 November 2013)




Bold Street L1 Liverpool / Merseyside
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