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(Jan 12,2015)I recall occasionally visiting the Oxford branch of Harlequin at 36 Cornmarket Street. As a young teenager I always felt a little out of place in what was a "grown-ups" record store, most people of my age getting the music from WH Smith, Boots or Woolies. Tended to use Music Market across the road but do remember buying Tusk by Fleetwood Mac in Harlequin.............
Comment: Pete Chilton.

Name Stewart Williams Comment: I remember working in the head office in the returns dept sending back scratched records. We also had a guy who worked there who was the spliting image of the old boy on the 70s album Snafu ,All funked up.but what I do remember most was getting Paul Macartneys auto graph he was visiting his shirt maker down the road and the only thing I had to write on was a petty cash voucher. Those were the days my friends. (May 28, 2017)




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