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(May 20, 2014) Pete Downs said:It had an upstairs room which usually had sale stuff. There was also a second branch of Harlequin in the Butts Centre which had a big area at the back of the shop selling USA deletions.

(May 15, 2013) edenofflowers said:Harlequin was a tiny little shop that stocked a lot of interesting vinyl.
There were imports as well as domestic releases and a lot of heavy metal vinyl.

(Nov 30, 2012) David Buck said:Seeing these old bags posted here is really taking me back to my early days of record buying.

Gosh - yes I remember the bags (I may even still have one somewhere!) but for the life of me I can't remember the shop!
Richard Haysom

Comment: I worked in this shop during the very early 70's, I have very fond memories of running up and down the black cast iron spiral staircase to the sale dept... I wish I had kept some of the vinyl from those days😊 I was still working for Harlequin when they opened their second store in the Butts centre next door to But is it art? Name Mary Lowney ( Nov 22, 2016)

I worked for Harlequin as manager of one of the two Harlequins in Reading, Berkshire. I was there for four years and they were great days, so much fun. I am still in touch with Lynn who worked with me and I would love to know what happened to the manager of the other store, Carol who married our EMI rep, Ron. As for me I married our Anchor Records rep Chris. We have been married 44 years, have one daughter and two granddaughters. So I have Harlequin to thank for them!
Frances Murrell (as was)

Ali Hudson Small

Harlequins record shop by Nicholson's Walk (I think that's what it was called) and what was the first record you bought.

Andy Cooney

Ant Music and Kings of the Wild Frontier

Tracey Bentley

oh yes Adam and the Ants, still got Prince Charming LP!!!!!!

Sue Wicks Was Harlequin records me and my cousin worked there (my cousin was Manager-Sandi) it changed to Our Price..customer service was great we used to make coffee for regulars it was like a meeting place!.I remember Supertramp and Dire Straits were really popular at the time!! Opus One was Annie in king street, different shop!

Sara Lawrence

First record I bought, and it did come from Harlequins, was Jilted John by jilted John




Nicholson's Walk Reading / Berkshire

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