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The band opened the Churchills Club in Bond Street, Mayfair, and almost at the same time Harry opened his first musical instrument shop in Shaftesbury Avenue. The band was kept going and stayed at Churchills for nearly two years, after which it played at various West End establishments. Harry moved to Soho with his shop until 1958 when he moved to Fulham.

Harry Hayes Record shop on the Fulham Road, 1977, where I purchased my first LP £3.99 full price. I later found out that Mr. Hayes, who owned and ran the shop, was a well-respected jazz musician, he guested on This Is Your Life ( I checked Youtube but only 17 minutes of the show) when George Melly was on it, he always wore a suit and tie, looked at me rather disapprovingly when I took my Ramones LP, the debut, to the counter. Mr Taylor

(June 14, 2014) allister hardwick said:The HH record shop had an obnoxious Scottish elderly lady wife of HH who banned me from her shop due to a badly warped record by the Shadows in 1976.! Happy days. Went into Putney and got treated much better at Harlequin Records ie Virgin retail then HMV.

(Dec 8, 2012) Alan Balfour said: I grew up in Fulham during the 50s/60s and this where I purchased most of my 60s pop 45s/EPs many of which I still own. Left Fulham in 1969, how long after 1977 did it last for?

Grew up in West Ken. This was my brother's and mine local record shop (North End Rd W14) until we moved to Fulham. Then it was Beggars Banquet, which later became a chip shop (first wife lived above) Happy bleedin' days
Barry Maher

Jazz olgoy 1946 from John Jack

Fulham v Arsenal, December 5th 1964

Image Colin Dunning

'A History Of Jazz In Britain'.

Music Week 1986

The man himself from 'A History Of Jazz In Britain'.




847 Fulham Road SW6 Fulham / London
203 North End Road West SW6 Fulham / London
76 Shaftesbury Avenue W1 Westminster / London

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