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Hinckley Sound Centre (Castle Street) – Remember records at the front and lots of reel-to-reel tape recorders at the back! Also introduced video rentals at the same time Shooting Star did and I think closed not long after (Mid-80s?) Comment Steve Jesson

I took over an ailing record shop in Castle Street in 1978, inheriting the wonderful Pauline, who continued the mechanics of running the record side whilst I concentrated on Hi-Fi. Sales at the time of opening were £500-ish per week, by Xmas that year they were averaging £5,000 per week through very aggressive discounting. Flushed with success and with average weekly sales of £7-8,000, I decided to expand into a new precinct in Rugby in 1981 and fell flat on my face, losing all my working capital. Dave Hood, at the time a friend and owner of Shooting Star in Nuneaton, took advantage of my cash flow predicament and decided to open a new shop literally 50 yards from mine in 1983-ish. I went into liquidation in 1984, bought the stock from the liquidator, re-opened as Resurrection Records (with Jacko) selling the lease shortly after to a greengrocer for a reasonable sized bag of cash. Ended up in Dublin running the Irish subsidiary of Amstrad, then a Bistro in Cana ry Wharf and am now semi-retired in Weymouth. Still selling records on-line, though! If anyone out there has a yellow HSC plastic bag, I'd love to have it! xx Comment: Mike Walker.




Hinckley Sound Centre 3 Castle Street Hinckley

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