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HMV was situated in swan lane where the dollls hospital used to be and where lakeland now is,i rember buying XTC and Bluenote Jazz LPs in there. Paul Young did a signing of No Parlez in there in the early 80s, there was a good poster and t shirt section in there, I remember I wore a Frankie Goes To Hollywood t-shirt bought from there in Red Square in Moscow a few years later, it had lenin on the front and it didnt go down well with the gaurds around the Kremlin whilst I was on holiday with my family .

(Aug 30, 2012) Brent Keefe said:HMV in Croydon was opposite Marks & Spencer's in North End for years and had two floors (with DVDs on first floor). When Zaavi went bust HMV also took over the Zaavi store (further down on North End) and for some time there were two HMV shops in Croydon. Eventually, HMV closed the original HMV store retaining the ex -Zaavi premises, where HMV still stands.


Dave Harwood
07 Jun 2023 at 01:31
The first comment is referring to HMV Guildford which was on Swan Lane, where the doll’s hospital used to be. There is a photo of the HMV shop in Swan Lane, Guildford at this link:



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