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Cat Stuijt
Yes I was the manager there Andy MacIndoe - I remember it well - what a hell hole but loads of fun - we had a break in 1 night and I attended the alarm call out - I got arrested as the safe key on my shop keys chain was soooo big and long that the police thought I had a gun!!!

Guildford Branch

James Hamblin
I remember buying Bottom live on VHS from there.

Nigel Rapley
Virtually all my record collection, through the 80's, came from that shop and I still have every one of them.
David Hayward
Bumped into (quite literally) Phil Collins in there!
Kelly Rogers
I bought my first pet shop boys album from there with my dad!

Anne Barnett
1982. I queued to meet Paul Young there in 1983 when he was doing a signing for his No Parlez album.

John Howell
My ‘go to’ record store, particularly in the early-mid 1980s. Most of my record collection came from there.

Mark Straker
I worked there from mid 1985 until 1995, then moved within the company. It was a great place to work with great and knowledgeable staff

Lisa Lloyd remember when we met Paul young there and Phil Fearon
Clare Stewart me too, I was there!

Lisa Lloyd
Clare Stewart how can I forget!! We were in love!!

Charlie O'Connor
HMV opened the year that "Wherever I lay my hat" by Paul Young was number 1 because he was a special guest there, I met him and got the 7",12" and album signed! The DJ Gary Crowley was there too

Clare Houghton
Fav shop on a Saturday spent most of my pocket money in there. I remember they showed MJ’s Thriller video (1982) one Saturday before everyone had access to MTV etc. and the staff turned all the lights off in the shop. I recall a bit of screaming from me & my friend (we were very young at the time)


trust The Wizard
06 Jun 2023 at 10:22
Thirty years ago this month a naive 17 year old boy from a rural village in Sussex started his first full-time job among the bright lights big city of Guildford! I’d been working Saturdays and school holidays in Comet on the top floor of Debenhams. The bloke behind the nearby Virgin Records counter got fed up of me constantly asking him if there were any jobs going there and told me to try HMV. Some of my peers sneered as they boasted of A levels they’d actually passed and prepared for their new lives at university. But as far as I was concerned I’d landed myself a dream job surrounded by music every day, what could be better than that? I worked there for 4 happy years, during which my musical tastes and knowledge broadened exponentially. I gradually started to “listen without prejudice” and stopped being such an indie music snob.



HMV Sutton

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