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Claire Guest

Missed my bus home queuing to meet Paul Young there!!!

Kevin Newton

Yes I saw Paul young there

Louise Glaysher

Top Contributor

spent hours hanging out as it was cool - and buying records esp 12" singles

Jon Formby

Yes, remember it well and worked there in the 1990

Mark Straker

I worked there for quite a few years

Bobbins Noakes

Yes I bought a load of Elvis Costello CDs at the guy behind the counter was also an Elvis Costello fan

Nicola Forshaw

The opening events were great, even if the bands were pure pop music. I remember seeing David grant, galaxy and Paul young. Can’t remember who else played.

Adam Abrahams

I bought a Glastonbury ticket from there in the early 90s. Great shop. Good to see some real goths at the door there




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