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Name: Robin
Comment: Bruce’s (in Rose Street) and Hot Licks (in Cockburn – pronounced Co’burn, like the port – Street) were the only places to buy punk records. I used to hang out in Bruce’s all the time – the staff always had a cup of coffee ready to sober me up! All the bands used to come there pre-gig and I got to meet a lot of stars as a result. Bob Geldof still owes me a pint of Guinness. When I asked for Gary Gilmore’s Eyes one day I was very pissed off when two guys behind the counter grabbed my record and started writing on the sleeve. Well, how was I to know it was TV Smith & Laurie Driver? I would have recognised Gaye!

An ad in the shop recruited the front man Robert King for The Scars which completed the line up.


Dave Harwood
23 Oct 2023 at 01:36
I found this article in ‘The Scotsman’ dated 20th September 1997: “Hot Licks was the best of the Edinburgh record shops. There was the Other Record Shop, of course, in St Mary Street, or Phoenix on the High Street, or Hell, or Bruce's, or Virgin, or Ezy Ryder, but Hot Licks seemed the least tainted by hippie indulgence.”



47 Cockburn Street EH1 1BS Edinburgh / Scotland
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