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My first record shop - HUDSONS in Chesterfield - closed it's doors for the last time last Saturday, after 105 years :(

Even if they DID give my mum Bad Manners instead of Adam and The Ants that day - my first record should have been 'Dog Eat Dog', and I got 'Special Brew' instead - of course it still holds a special place in my heart. R.I.P. Hudsons. My friend wrote a blog piece about it if anyone is interested, which also includes a picture of their fantastic record bag. Comment: Lewis Horton

Hudsons in Chesterfield has been there forever. It rememebers the 60's. It probably remembers two world wars... fuck it, it probably remembers the civil war. For me it will forever be defined by the awesome and slightly see through yellow 13inch bags with the black Hudsons logo on them. In later years I used to play 'name that record' through the piss like hue that masked the album inside.

Even now years later I remember the staff that I used to annoy with my ridiculous requests, the once everyday records that filled the racks, some of which I would gladly fill my time machine with as and when it gets built. 5.99 an album, doubles 7.99, Japanese imports14.99. There was the girl I always had a crush on who only seemed to work weekends, I used to try and impress her by bringing random hip US indie to the counter. Keith the owner, a deadpan local with a radio voice: I remember him giving Our Price Records a lengthy berating the week it opened a few doors down. His daughter worked there too, don't remember her name but I do recall her putting things aside for me, metal things, Motley Crue things. Comment: 32 rpm blog


Dave Harwood
05 Feb 2024 at 03:26
I found this advert in the 'Derbyshire Times' dated 1st March 1919: “Gramophones, large stock of latest Records, Violin Strings, etc.— Apply, Hudson's Music Stall, Market Hall, Chesterfield; cr. Springbank Road, near Gas Works.”



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