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(Apr 6, 2014) VanMan said:Penny and Brian were the owners of the original Folkestone shop. They always had the best stock of limited releases. They had great displays especially if there was a new Queen or Iron Maiden release I seem to recall. As a shop that returned sales data to the chart compilers the shop received the 'best service' from record companies.

(Mar 14, 2014) Paul foster said:I think that the guy was called Andy. bought many depeche mode records in there from 1987 onwards until the shop closed .

(Mar 14, 2014) Paul foster said:Wouldbe incredible if these shops ever returned to the high st. Vinyl is on the up. Keep it going !!

(Mar 14, 2014) Paul foster said:Brilliant shop. Always in there week in week out . Mostly Dover near the town hall. Bought many 12" singles in there . It was plantation records before it became hummingbirds. The Folkestone one at the top of the old high st was great too, the guy that worked in there was a huge queen fan . Would always let you look in the newly delivered boxes so you could see and buy stuff before it was put on the shelves.

(March 3rd, 2015) Does anybody know what Andy from Humming Bird Records in Folkestone got up to after it shut down? Anybody know where he is now? Constant source of friendly advice and insight.
I still remember the very poignant note he left in the shut up shop window, in his distinctive handwriting, saying something along the lines that they could no longer effectively compete with Our Price further up the road, thanking loyal customers and citing the shame it was for people who eventually did walk back down the hill to find what Our Price could not or would not lead them to, left it to the point that their overdue walk to good old independent Humming Bird Records was now wasted…. I was back from university and really quite saddened when I walked up to the locked door.

Sadly prophetic insight into the future of lots of UK record shop businesses and in general the small minded consumer behavoiurs that will continue to affect our high streets. Comment: Angus G

Name Suze S Comment Andy is still in the area and you can find him on Facebook under Andy Skingle. He is still a top bloke. This shop was my lifeline to alternative music that you just couldn't get anywhere else In town. ( Nov 28, 2016)

I used to spend hours in this shop , it was fantastic . I loved my punk , but you could find anything in there . All the real music

Lee Waterworth

I was a 6th form student when I used to go in here in the early 1980s. I was into obscure Indy at the time (still am) and there was always opportunity to flick through some good stuff. I've still got a Cocteau Twins album in an original Hummingbird paper bag.
Duncan Saunders

Sarah Wright

Loved, loved, loved this shop! Spent most of my money there. Got to know the owners quite well as I ordered new releases of Duran Duran records. Got some promotional material there as well (DD cutouts) which I had to leave behind when I moved to Australia in 1985. I think her name was Penny? Anyway great memories

Penny Johnson

Marion when we took the lease over and turned it into humming bird records. I remember as we laid the carpet there where lots of lumps where we took the petitions down there where old bits of to nails and skin tucked in the holes. Lol I felt so sick as I was brushing it out with my hands. Lol

Sarah Goodsell

I got my first vinyl single in there and I paid 78p for it!!! That was the start of my friend Andrea and I going into Humming Bird every Saturday to buy records that were in the top 20. Still have my original 80’s vinyl collection all purchased from HB. Loved that shop and very much part of my teenager years!


Dave Harwood
23 Oct 2023 at 08:23
I found this announcement in the ‘Dover Express’ dated 2nd May 1986: “HUMMING BIRD RECORDS OF FOLKESTONE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF THEIR NEW DOVER SHOP ON SATURDAY MAY 10.” ... and another branch in the ‘Isle of Thanet Gazette’ dated 19th April 1991: “Humming Bird Records, Queen Street, Ramsgate.”
08 Mar 2024 at 11:52
I'm the owner of Vintage and Vinyl, a 10 year old record shop in The Old High Street in Folkestone. Andy, the former manager of Hummingbird's, is a regular customer. I think he's working for the local border authority now. Great memories on here! I'll relay this to him when he comes in next.
13 Mar 2024 at 07:49
I remember Andy, always chatty and friendly - being a Rush fan he got me into Dream Theater in the 1990s.
Dave Harwood
14 Mar 2024 at 03:13
I found this piece in the 'Dover Express' dated 24th July 1992: “YOUNG people don’t appear to have any more money to spend than their parents, according to record shop boss David Stodart. Mr. Stodart, owner of Hummingbird Records in the High Street, described the recession as “very deep and very long.” He added: “Sales of records, tapes and CDs have gone down considerably. “It gives us a lot less room for flexibility when we are buying in stock. “People of 25 to 30 are tightening their belts and this works its way down to their children, who have less pocket money to spend.” Mr. Stodart, 40, has been running Hummingbird for about seven years but has been in record retailing for about 15 years. He lives in Folkestone and runs two other record shops in Folkestone and Ramsgate. He said the drop in sales was “perhaps more acute” in Dover.”
Steve Bispham
22 Mar 2024 at 11:14
Part One
The original owner of Hummingbird Records was Dave Stoddart. The first shop (in Dover) is where Andy worked for Dave. When the Folkestone shop opened, Andy managed it but Dave owned it. When the shops closed, Dave went on to manage Etchinghill golf club.



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12 High Street Dover / Kent

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