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Name kings jones Comment: I can remember buying records there I think the first one I bought was a Beatles record can't remember the a side but the b side was I AM THE WALRUS 1967 I was 10. (July 4, 2017)
I remember the record shop. Back in the late 60s I used to stay in Pontypridd as my mums brother Derrick and his wife Iris lived there. Iris worked in the record shop and Derrick worked in Hodges the menswear shop. Both shops have gone now and so have my Aunt and Uncle. I remember Iris saying that on occasion Tom Jones had been in the shop. I bought a few records in the shop over the period up to 1974 when I became 16. Great memories of Ponty. I visited about 4 years ago. They lived in BERW ROAD. Contact me if you remember either of them.
Gary Bigg




Hurley 10 Taff Street Ponypridd

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