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Just been looking at the Shirley And Lee EP I bought from Ron's many years ago, still has his sticker on the rear sleeve and his inner bag. Those were great days. My mates and I would go there every Saturday to find out what was new in stock. We were into American Blues RnB and RnR. In those days not many release on USA labels were issued over here unless they got high up the American charts. I was in the and Merchant Navy then and I would always drop in with some 45's I had picked up om my trips to New York that I thought Ron would be interested in. One such disc I recommended to him as a certain hit was O C Smith's Son of Hickery Holler's Tramp. I guess he did well with it along with other of my suggestions as the next time I called in he offered me a job! I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had accepted it. Am I correct in thinking Rob died suddenly from a heart attack ? regards, Dave Porter (2019)




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