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Dave Harwood
24 Oct 2023 at 04:17
I found an advert in the ‘Eastern Evening News’ dated 18th June 1904: “PHONOGRAPHS, GRAMOPHONES, RECORDS. All Makes. LARGEST STOCK IN THE EASTERN COUNTIES. J. BURRELL, Phonograph Stores. 19, LOWER GOAT LANE, NORWICH.” ... and this in the 14th August 1905 edition: “Phonographs & Records, G. E. MASON. (LATE J. BURRELL) 19, Lower Goat Lane, Norwich” ... also this in the 1st January 1906 edition: “STOP before you BUY any more RECORDS and READ THIS: G. E. MASON, GOAT LANE and MAGDALEN ST. (Near Stump Cross), IS NOW GIVING COUPONS AWAY With Every RECORD YOU PURCHASE and this coupon is worth 2d. Six of these coupons permit you to have a RECORD FREE OF CHARGE.”



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