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Bishopstoke History Society

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Another Eastleigh memory from the 1970's was Jack Hobbs record shop. Outside the shop were racks of LP's and inside by the counter there were the 45's ex juke box records, they were cheaper then new records but had the plastic centre missing.
What are your memories of Jack Hobbs ?
What was the first record you brought (not necessarily from this shop) mine was "I love Jennifer Eccles " by the Hollies in 1968, I was 14!

Lorraine Tull
Bought my first 45 there, ‘Hey girl don’t bother me’ !!!

Sue Obrien
Omg! So many memories spending my pocket money on records, I bought so many in there but the first one was Wings Helen Wheels

  • Siobhan Pragnell

    I loved that shop 😊

  • Martin Friend

    Spent loads of money in the record shop back in the day .

  • Deborah Humphries

    Tiger feet - Mud -ex juke box and bought a stack of the plastic bits you put in the middle in anticipation of my future purchases!

  • Terry White

    Jack would go out of his way to order something you requested that he didn't have in stock... i believe gnidrolog in search of harry's toe nail was one of them (in the days of john peel)



The legendary Jack Hobbs' Records, #Eastleigh, circa early 1982. Site of my early vinyl purchases. Must be a Sunday, as front was usually filled with racks of MFP/Pickwick LP's. Pic from #Bishopstoke History Society.

Mark Stephens

My first record was Jimmy Ruffins I'll Say Forever My Love and I bought it at Jack Hobbs in Eastleigh.


Philip pettman
15 Mar 2024 at 10:20
I brought Eddie Cochrans summer time blues jukebox record no centre. In 1972 in jack hobbs. I was 16 I then brought my first guitar jazz one with the f holes from a junk shop in notham for £7 my dad paid for it . I then painted it white with emulsion paint .

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