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Ian Tenison Pet Shop Boys would visit the shop with friends for the stero listing boths so they could listen to David Bowie 'Huncky Dory' album full stero golry. (2022)

One way to ensure you got a limited edition was to pre-order it at Windows... they put your name on a sticker in the corner of the LP and sent you a postcard to say they had it. (This one, from 1980, had a 10p stamp on it.

Bryan Ferry

"Bryan: I bought my first records at Windows in the Arcade off Grey Street in Newcastle. I spent many an hour gazing longingly through their window at their musical instruments and record sleeves. I remember they had little booths where you could go and listen to the record first before buying it. As you can imagine many an hour was spent in there testing out albums I couldn’t afford! I had a Saturday job at Jackson the Tailor in Northumberland Street so Windows record shop became a regular place for me to visit. The first EP I bought was a big thing for me. It was the Charlie Parker Quintet with Miles Davis. I loved Charlie Parker’s sax playing and he became one of my favourite all-time musicians."




1 Central Arcade Grainer Street

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