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( March 18, 2016) I bought my first vinyl 45rpm record from Hawtins in 1960. It was 'Walk Don't Run' by The John Barry Seven. I passed this shop every day going to and from Saltley Grammar School, Belchers Lane. Comment: Roy Shakespeare.

( March 18, 2016) Great shop for Blues & Jazz bargains. Over the years I've bought many a Lp for less then a fiver, when it's true value is about 20/25 pounds. It's great having a chat with Ben, he knows his music inside out, Rock/Soul/Blues /Jazz/Rock & Roll/Northern Soul he's got good knowledge off it all. Comment: Chris Louis

Just picked up a 45 single in a charity shop in Coleshill....bought it (50p) simply because it was stamped with Hawtins name and address (opposite the Capitol Cinema Alum Rock road) I went to Sladefield Road School and later Washwood Heath (top of Burney Lane) always remember the couple who ran the shop (husband and wife?) If they didn't have what you wanted ....they would get it the following week. John (2023)




J.Hawtin.Ltd The Record Shop 1966 Shop Window Poster 755 Alum Road

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