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There was also a branch of Kelleys Records in Brentwood High Street - on the first floor above quite an upmarket audio/visual shop (B&O hi-fi's and the like). Bought my first chart singles there in the early 70's! happy days! Comment: Viv Hughes

(April 12, 2015) Kellys had a shop in Basildon town centre there rivals were Godfreys and Downtowns,or Rumbelows,same as shop Brentwood top notch bo and finlux tv hifi downstairs upstairs shop,i shouldn't say it but knew guy who worked there for bit till sacked people would go in and ask for latest mod or disco 12" and he'd bag it up and say thanks take no money Basildon shop was in middle town by clock,now i think a jd sports or something used to be burtons taylors there one time to next door almost. Comment: David Malone




Kellys Brentwood High Street

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