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Records were all kept in a large rack behind the counter. LP covers were kept in browsing bins around the department. Listening booths were provided to sample the music with the record players behind the counter. Most stock was delivered by post, but CBS & Pye records were supplied by a van salesman who parked in the arcade entrance.


Dave Harwood
30 Oct 2023 at 07:52
I found this advert in the 'Croydon Times' dated 15th June 1946: “KENNARDS are an EASY FIRST for all GRAMOPHONE RECORDS ... and Recordings of ALL the Artistes and MOST of the music in the CROYDON MUSICAL FESTIVAL can be supplied from stock.”
Dave Harwood
19 Feb 2024 at 03:26
I found this advert in the 'Croydon Times' dated 23rd May 1942: “Personal appearance: FELIX MENDELSSOHN, Prince of romantic Band Leaders and Columbia Recording Artist, This Saturday, 3 p.m., at KENNARDS GRAMOPHONE DEPARTMENT to autograph copies of his records.”



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