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Marilyn Dobbs

I worked as a Saturday girl and occasionally during the week at the New Street shop, loved it. The record listening booths were at the back on the ground floor when I was there, classical records down in the basement. Record players etc were at the front of the shop in the window and the men concentrated on selling those.

Can you imagine how trendy I felt at 15 listening to all the new records, 1963, all the boys coming in to listen to them? There were some lovely people working there - Old Mr Gardner, Mr Michael Gardner, Jack someone, Robin someone and a lovely lady called Audrey.

I wasn't au fait with classical musicians and I must have annoyed people with my ignorance when they wanted Yehudi Menuhin!

They had a shop on Common Garden Street but I don't remember Penny Street.

Doug Powell

My first record was 'A tower of strength', on Embassy label, cheap versions of the original ones, sold by Woolworths. Later, on leaving school, was able to buy genuine records from Kenneth Gardners

Caron Beal

Arhhh my nana Barbara Baraclough worked there.

John Brindley

My first record purchase came in a KG bag like that in 1963

Joan Halsted

My mum worked for them in the 50s


Dave Harwood
28 Oct 2023 at 02:19
I found this announcement in the ‘Lancaster Guardian’ dated 28th May 1937: “KENNETH GARDNER - Moving with the times and an ever-increasing business, Kenneth Gardner is now comfortably installed in commodious premises in Common Garden Street (late Pye Motors) where he is enabled to carry very much larger stock of Gramophones and Radio sets.”
... and this advert in the same issue of the ‘Lancaster Guardian’: “KENNETH GARDNER HAS REMOVED TO LARGER PREMISES - 33 COMMON GARDEN STREET (Near King Street), and will continue to feature Bush - His Master’s Voice - Philips – ‘R.G.D.’ - Ekco Radio Receivers, Musical Instruments, Records, etc.”



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