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  1. Can anyone remember "Kens Records" in Aldershot Hampshire and "Venus Records", Downing Street, Farnham Surrey?....
    What ever happened to them ?.....I moved away from Farnham in 1986 and can remember visiting both shops regularly in the early eighties. I can't actually remember the street location of Kens....would be interesting to know what's there now.
    Two great record shops that sadly disappeared.

    Keith Trott, Aug 10, 2022Report

  2. Prior to moving to Downing Street, Venus Records occupied a smaller unit at the eastern end of the Woolmead Centre, facing onto Woolmead Road. I believe it had a sudden closing down was at the end of the 80's or early 90's.

    Ken's Records shop was, I believe, on the corner of Upper Union Street and Barrack Road. I was told that before it moved there it was run as a market stall somewhere else. Don't know what happened to it
  3. Dn174ae
  4. Hi,
    I worked at Venus Records in Farnham when it was in the woolmead in the late 70’s. Worked at Venus records Tunsgate Guildford that sadly closed then transferred to the Downing Street branch. Fantastic memories. That’s when records shops were record shops and not like they are today.


Dave Harwood
30 Oct 2023 at 08:21
I found this address in the 'Derry Journal' dated 17th February 1976: “Ken's Record Shop, The Arcade, 29 Shipquay Street.”
… and this notice in the 'Derry Journal' dated Friday, 3rd August 1979: “KEN'S RECORDS RE-OPENING IN TEMPORARY PREMISES TODAY (FRIDAY) 17 PUMP ST. - TOP CHART SINGLES + WIDE RANGE OF L.P.s IN STOCK.”

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