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Aldridge Yesterday and Today
February 17, 2021 ·
A picture showing King's Castle at the end of the High Street. (John Sale)

  • Author
    Aldridge Yesterday and Today
    I remember the little white basket of 10p singles slipping out of the top 40 charts. I used to love rooting through them.

  • Christina Wohlforth
    I went there with my brother and sister when we first moved to Aldridge. We took our dog Panda with us and whilst we were inside we tied her lead to the bin outside. We were looking through the records upstairs when the lady behind the counter called o…
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  • Paul Robert Tonks
    Bought so many records here!

    Ian Mitchell
    Great shop ; bought my first single there - Pretty little angel eyes - Shawaddywaddy ! Also , after getting our first stereo , my Dad bought some great albums from there - Beatles greatest hits , Glenn Miller , Doris Day , Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Shand…

  • Andrew Stait
    Use to love my parents taking me there. Aldridge looks so well cared for, all neat and tidy in that photo.

  • Andrew John
    That’s just brilliant. Records upstairs. Bought my first album there - Regatta de Blanc !
  • Lesley Cleveley
    Happy memories of times spent in the record department at Kings .Also going to the opening ceremony. We were so excited about a shop like Kings opening in our village.

  • Gary Mincher
    Got my first single from there blockbuster by sweet a great shop

  • Susan Morton
    I remember this going upstairs and buying my records

  • Jane Hetherington
    I used to love spending Saturday afternoons in Kings, I think the record department was upstairs!

  • Karen Hewitt
    I loved this shop, can see it now upstairs and all the records LPs and cassettes lol. Bought my first single from there by "buster". Remember my dad buying all his James Last albums 2 x

  • Top fan
    Sue Page
    Great little shop. Remember my Dad taking us in there to the upstairs section to buy the latest record with our pocket money. Happy days!

  • Jackie Neath
    Spent a fair amount of time in Kings and a few pennies, happy days

  • Karen Cooper Turley
    My Nan and grandad lived in Aldridge and would take me and my sister every Saturday for our magazines. Loved rummaging around in the discount baskets.
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  • Mark Hyde
    The shop was originally opened by Ken Dodd. Still have the single he was giving awayHappiness

  • Sue Mason
    I used to work in the records and book department around 1973 ??? loved it !

  • Mike Hawes
    Remember it opening, it had everything, even bus passes in the up stairs record dept. It was one of the few places open saturday afternoon and later Sunday morning

  • Christopher Dean
    I bought all my records could even listen to them first.

  • Ian Davidson
    bought my very first album upstairs back in the early seventies (Queen's Night at the Opera!!!), that was such a long, long time ago. . . . .

  • Chris King
    Yep my bike would regularly be leaning up that window!

  • Melek Lisa Yildirim
    Spent hours and hours going through the LP`s at Kings. Purchased my first single from there. Happy days

    • Louise Thompson
      Was just going to say,that is where I bought my first record from aswell,I think it was upstairs !

  • Lindsey Chapman
    Bought my first record there and loads more after! And lots of sweets after school

  • Gill Beddowes
    They had a good selection of LP's that you could sift through to your hearts content

  • Jo Butterly
    My Dad took me there for my first single.......Seven Tears by the Goombay Dance Band released in 1980. Happy memories.
    Jackie Attwood

    I remember the footprints going up the stairs

  • Top fan
    Joyce Peel
    This brings back so many memories. Loved that shop, so much to see. Remember going upstairs to buy my records

  • Db Bear
    Great memories, loved that shop

  • Deirdre Ann Snape
    It was a fantastic store

  • Mark Sheldon
    How old is this picture guys? It’s great.

  • Vera Cartwright
    Good memories, records upstairs ooo showing my age

  • Helen O'Shea Parker
    It was a great shop

  • Mary Price
    KEN DOD WAS there I took my eldest daughter that day

  • Mich Hennessey
    Remember it so well

  • Emma Jane Styling
    Eddie Brookhouse your beautiful family cottage was ripped down for this

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  • Dena Smith
    Ahh those were the days

  • Kim Gilbert
    Back in the day

  • Paul Higgins
    Got my first single from there: Boney M- Ma Baker. God fogive me.
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  • Liz Frankel
    Happy memories

  • Rob Brookhouse
    I remember it

  • Maz Cleaver
    My pocket money spent there. 1972.


Dave Harwood
31 Oct 2023 at 08:29
I found an advert in the 'Walsall Observer' dated 2nd June 1972: “OPENING SHORTLY - Kings Castle, 45 High Street, Aldridge - for records, tapes, posters, 8-track cartridges and more.”
Mark Draper
14 Dec 2023 at 03:43
Bought all my Rush albums from there



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