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(Sept 8, 2013) Anonymous said:I remember the Beckenham branch... you could listen to tunes upstairs in little booths. My mum bought a 'radiogram' here when we moved to Beckenham from Norwood in 1965. When it arrived it turned out to be just a 'gram' with no radio. Just like my mum to buy something based on its appearance and not how practical it was.
In 1973 I bought Black Sabbath Volume 4 (after listening to them for the very first time in one of those booths, with my mate Bev).

It was there, when I was just 12 going on 13 that my cousin, then aged 15 - and I (who were serious about our beat group and our music from the start) - this was back in early 1964 - and we priced our first musical instrument in Kingsons, Beckenham: an alto sax (which we knew we'd have to save a lot of pocket money and paper round money to buy!) and there we bought our first sheet music (all of which I still have) and a pair of bongos (which I also still have): I have many, many other musical instruments now and can play them all, and no, I never gave up at all on my music - though it's not my primary livelihood. Those were the days indeed!!

Jeff Watt




Kingsonā€™s Limited 203 Lewisham High Street 77a Rushy Green 5 The Broadway 224 High Street Beckenham 132 High Street Penge

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