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( Feb 22, 2016) My friend remembers buying ‘Sweet Nuthins’ / ’What’d I Say’ by The Searchers from there in 1963 and we think it was at that location until at least the mid 1960's.

This one from Bill Head:
I remember the shop well. It didn't have a "listening booth" as such but a room at the back with a Philips or maybe a Grundig record deck. I clearly remember the owner playing Mick & I the live Trini Lopez LP (she loved it) also Gene Vincent single ‘Summertime’ which she disliked!

And this one from Mick Cantwell:
If I remember correctly, the door was on the left hand side of the shop, as you went in. There were three listening booths on the right, then the counter. On the left there were the record racks and, as Bill said, down at the far end there was a listening room and I also remember a window in the wall. I can remember also listening to the Trini Lopez album.
Comment: Dave Harwood.




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