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(July 8, 2014) Jon Diamond said:I worked there in the 1970'early 80's would love to hear from anyone who was there at

(July 8, 2014) Anonymous said:I worked there in the 1970'early 80's would love to hear from anyone who was there at

(Nov 24, 2013) From said:Any pictures of the inside of this shop in the 60s. I was a teenager then and bought all my records from here. Historical making sounds.!! Chris Hampton - email -

(Aug 16, 2013) Anonymous said:It sure was

(Jan 10, 2013) Bens collectors records said:Landaus of sutton stickers keep turning up on records in my shop this place must have been a major player in the early 1960s!

(May 6, 2012) Michael Cohen said:This was my Grandperents shop ..

(November 26, 2015) It certainly was a major player. That's where I bought my first record at 12 years old 'She loves You' - the Beatles.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes and I remember the sticker on every record. Save albums. Sadly I lost my priceless record collection when I left it in storage and came to America. but hey now with the internet you can find anything!!! Comment: Chris Hampton.

( April 2016) I used to live in Rosehill Gardens and obtained all my vinyl there from the mid 60's to the late 70's.
When did it actually get sold to HMV? I remember there used to to be a middle aged lady called Mrs Davis (who as a youngster seemed too old to be working in a record shop!) but she was brilliant and her knowledge and helpfulness was incredible.
I believe Gerry Landau owned the shop. Great memories. Mike Chapman.

Name Elliot Baxendale Comment: I love the idea that the record s that brought so much joy and inspiration are still in circulation. Giving the same feeling as when released to those of a different generation. (Nov 9, 2016).

When I worked there in 1960-1962, I was in the service department with Ray Tuck, Alan Stroud, and Robin (Connaway I think). Two of the girls in the shop were Ursula and Elspeth. Vic and Clara Landau owned and ran the shop with Gerald who was, I think, their son-in-law. Opposite Landau`s was a coffee shop selling fantastic Italian ice cream.
Derek Hanlon

At the age of 15 I was well into the music of the time and I have a suitcase full of 45 s with the Landau,s sticker on with the number on the records corresponding with the sleeves. So many happy times asking the staff to play a particular track and going into a booth and listening over and over again . That was usually from a L.P.I was living in Cheam at the time (1960) and going to Chatsworth Road School. I am obviously talking about the SUtton Store.
Mike Salter

I bought a record at a carboot sale at the weekend with a Landau sticker on the back. It was 'The Oscar Peterson Trio - The Trio : Live From Chicago' and the inscription on the sticker reads 'LANDAU RADIO ltd. 174, HIGH STREET, SUTTON, SURREY. Tel: Vigilant. 0084'. I now actually live in Sutton near the station, and would love to know where this shop used to reside, and whats there now.
Will Swales

I went there every Saturday morning in the 1960's. I still have the vinyl nought from there with their sticker.
Peter Goodwin

Wow-another trip down Memory Lane! Having taken (late) retirement last year
I've found time to play a lot of my now much-reduced LP collection and-yes-the Landau's sticker is on many.
Early 1960s, as a Banstead schoolboy, I started with "The Great Western TV Themes" by Johnny Gregory, then the Beatles of course, then I got into film music-specifically Elmer Bernstein-those lovely United Artists LP covers.
Nigel Hawkes

My chums and I used to visit Landau's and listen to records in the little booths on the left hand side. We got into (old style) R&B, Yardbirds Alexis Korner, Cyril Davies etc.. Heard Cream playing 'Spoonful' from the 'Wheels of Fire' album there for the first time. An epiphany! I welled up with the emotion. Like a pair of great gates had opened up to reveal a masterpiece in a new musical gallery. I still listen to it today and get lost in it each time I do! And yes the ice cream shop opposite sold the best ice cream I have ever tasted. The guy was Italian, and I believe the cafe was called The Regent, or something like that. I can see the guy's face now. I'm 74 now and have got another band together in Aylsham Norfolk.

Allan Groombridge




Landau Radio Ltd Landau Radio Ltd 174 High St Sutton

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