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Langland Records was in Bell Street opposite the Music Shop and only shut down a couple of years ago. It specialised latterly in rock records. The shop now sells crafts. I am sure in the 70's Langland records had two entrances, and sound booths where you could listen to records, it closed down a couple of years ago, up untill the end they still sold Northern CD's.

(Oct 5, 2013) Anonymous said:Langland's certainly did have two doors in the 70s and 80s. Bought many a fine record there from the owner (Ian?) at the time.

Name Charles Petty Comment: Really gutted that Ian has closed down Langlands, it's a real shame as I went there loads buying and selling my LP's It would be nice as vinyls are back in fashion and record decks if he could open up again. (July 9, 2017).

I started to go to the record shop with Ian in our school lunch break in the late 60s. It was owned by Mr and Mrs Lowndes. They also sold hi-fi equipment upstairs and, yes, I recall listening booths. Ian worked there at weekends and (I think) took over when they retired.
The shop was in a couple of different premises all very close to each other. One was what later became Shropshire Produce. There were two entrances at one time, one opposite the music shop and the other opposite the White Lion.
I think internet sales were the reason for its demise.

Paul Woodcock




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