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Only ever used the Streatham branch, probably from 1976 until 1979 (I think it had closed by about 1983, with only the Croydon branch lingering on for a few years after that). Very good for the latest punk/new wave 45s, and occasionally they'd bring out some unplayed/unsold stock from the `60s. I remember picking up a UK Byrds EP in there for about a quid. Comment: Mark Griffiths

Also in the arcade was L.H.Cloakes shop near the exit into Coldharbour Lane. That's where I bought Heartbreak Hotel. Dave.

( Nov 15th, 2013) I remember Cloakes record shop in Granville Arcade i worked in the butchers shop opposite from 1962 -1964, met Joe Brown in there one day, Pat.

( Dec 23, 2015) Intersting that you saw Joe Brown there Pat. I saw him live at a little theatre just behind Morley's, which I think had become a Bingo Hall by the `70s and has since been demolished to make way for flats. William Franklyn, the 'Schweppes You Know Who' man, was also on the bill. I'm 55 now and can just about remember it! My mother also told me she saw Tony Crombie and his Rockets at the same venue in about 1957. Comment: Mark Griffiths

"The phone books show that L&H Cloake had only one branch in Streatham in 1965, at 334 High Road, SW16. They then opened a branch, at 262 High Road, Streatham SW16 in 1967, taking their phone number (01-769 7304) with them (334 High Road, SW16 isn’t listed in the 1967 phone book).
They then, apparently, closed the 93 Granville Arcade, SW9 branch in Brixton (as it is not listed in the 1968 phone book) but 262 High Road, SW16 and 334 High Road, SW16 are both listed in the 1968 phone book (and both continue to be listed until 1973). This would seem to indicate that they moved the Brixton branch into the original Streatham premises at 334 High Road, SW16, the phone number of which had changed to 01-677 9422 in 1968. It looks like it finally closed in 1974. (It is not listed in the 1975 phone book).
The 262 High Road, SW16 branch didn’t change it’s name to L. Cloake & Son until 1979/80 and it closed in 1983. (It is not listed in the 1984 phone book).
That solves the mystery regarding my visits to both addresses in Streatham between 1969/72 – they were both branches of L&H Cloake!” - Dave Harwood. (March 30,2016)

H & R Cloake Surry

L.Cloake Croydon

L&H Cloake Sussex




L.H. & L.Cloake & Son 5 London Road, Redhill, Surrey 262 Streatham High Road SW16

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