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Lewks record store, in Wales Court, Downham Market, announced on their Facebook page that they will closing down after their current lease expires in June 2018.
The independent shop is run by Lawrence Wilham and his daughter Danielle Willham-Smith, but with Mr Wilham looking to retire after his 70th birthday his daughter will not be carrying on Lewks and it is set to close on Saturday, June 2.
They told their followers: 'We leave behind an entire lifetime of memories, which will remain with us forever, not to mention our fantastic customers, the wonderful reps, our staff over the years and all our friends. We will both truly miss it all.
'There are not many jobs in life where you can genuinely say you enjoy going to work every single day, but we both do, we love it and it will be a very sad day, we will miss it immensely, it's been our lives.




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