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Louis Marcus shop makes an appearance in this short film

Used to love dandering around Smithfield in the 60's, what a place! All those shops where almost anything could be purchased, or indeed sold (undoubtedly at a great loss). Shops I recall in particular include Louis Marcus record store (where my sister-in-law, Isobel Neil worked), I've lost count the amount of record shops there were. When times were hard I remember grabbing a few LP's and head to Smithfield (or Dougie Knight's on Botanic Ave) to be completely ripped-off. Comment: Dylan.


Dave Harwood
03 Nov 2023 at 10:16
I found this article in the 'Belfast Telegraph' dated 4th December 1969: “The Music Shop trading as Louis Marcus started business in Smithfield fifty years ago. The present management took over about eight years ago from the original owner, when the business was primarily one of Sheet Music and Records. To this the present owners added a Musical Instrument Department, which has expanded so much that it was decided to open a new shop to specialise in Musical Instruments only. Practically all the staff are musicians, and, being experts, are in the best position to sell or advise on musical queries.”



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