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Name: Mike Wilks
Comment: This shop belonged to the most miserable bugger I've ever met by the name of Lyndon Sims of which the electrical shop-cum-record 'emporium' could have been more aptly named!

I arrived ten minutes before his dinner break in which he closed the store, and he advised me that it wouldn't be worthwhile me returning... and to bugger off to where I'd come from!

Luckily my obvious charm at the time/moreover pity from the lady assistant ... she told me to come back in the hour (he had half-day today)... I popped into the local hostelry to kill time and wet my whistle, only for the busy establishment to fall into silence... after a few comments of "townie" were whispered aloud... normal service began!

As for Lyndon Sims records... I pulled a few Soul City Albums/45s along with a few Action ditties! Never risked the lady assistant though.


Dave Harwood
03 Nov 2023 at 02:37
I found an advert in the 'Gwent Gazette' dated 22nd October 1970: “RECORDS, RADIOGRAMS, STEREO, HI-FI, TELEVISION - LYNDON SIMS, 54-56 Beaufort St. Tel: Brynmawr 275.”
Dave Harwood
24 Apr 2024 at 03:28
I found a photo (c.1955) that shows the HMV banner outside the Lyndon Sims shop in Beaufort Street, Brynmawr at this link:
... and the caption says: “This is the busy main street of the town. Lyndon Sims' well-advertised record shop (note the HMV banner, left) is now a beautician's.”



54-56 Beaufort Street NP23 4AF Brynmawr /
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